Puppy Information

At Macumazahn Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the aim is to breed healthy top quality dogs that can be part of your family for 10 plus years.   To do this, I have spent many years researching, watching and selecting, sound healthy parents that are true to type with super temperaments.  Just because a dog is a top show dog or have a title, doesn’t necessarily make it a good breeding prospect – in my opinion 🙂

All breeding stock are thoroughly health checked.  We x-ray hip & elbow including scoring with the AVA, Full Breed DNA (which includes DM & Epilepsy) and are Heart Certified by a Canine Cardiologist.  I breed within the rules of Dogs SA, DACO and the guidelines of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of SA Inc.

My puppies are raised in a  loving, clean, home environment with plenty of handling, exposure to day-to-day living and socialisation.  Macumazahn puppies are raised using  the “Puppy Culture” system which begins from birth.   “Puppy Culture” is all about positive reinforcement and shaping your puppy’s future.    House training starts as soon as they begin to walk!

Macumazahn puppies are :-

  1. Checked for dermoid sinus from birth to 8wks of age
  2. Wormed regularly
  3. Raised on a 100% Complete BARF (Raw) diet
  4. Vet checked at 7wks of age
  5. Vaccinated & microchipped at 7wks & sterilised at 9wks.  Males given a vasectomy & females tubal ligation.  This ensures they meet the Dog Cat Management Board guidelines with all dogs and cats being sterilised by 6mths of age but more importantly, they remain with their “bits” in tact so have their hormones to grow and mature correctly with no detriment to their longterm health.
  6. Most of all,  they are part of the family and cherished.

Macumazahn puppies go home with :-

  1. My comprehensive information folder which includes a brief history lesson of the breed, general care, feeding, training, copies of parents’ hip & elbow x-ray score sheet and other health checks & pedigree, vaccination certificate, lifetime subscription to microchip organisation, book list,  and other important information.   Puppy Culture information and exercise guidelines and much much more!
  2. Dogs SA registration pedigree transferred to new owner
  3. Microchip transfer
  4. Quality blanket – complete with the mother’s & siblings smells to help settle your puppy into their new environment
  5. Toys, clicker, home dried pig’s ear & liver treats,  to start your reward training
  6. A supply of BARF diet and assistance with feeding regime
  7. Lifetime support from me – anytime night or day I’m only a phone call away!